Krantijyoti Scholarship is become 5 years old. We are thankful to all our donors and well-wishers who always guide, inspire and support us in our social change path. Your wishes, time and financial support always lead to developmental activities.

Let us tell you how your donation worked in one event, Krantijyoti Scholarship 2015:


  • More than 50 schools have participated in 2015 Krantijyoti Scholarship Exam.
  • Schools out of Pune District asking to start Krantijyoti Scholarship at their place by Krantijyoti Women Network.
  • Principals and teachers are taking this exam very seriously as we come to know that principals have chosen teachers team to guide children for scholarship exam.
  • Reaching Phule-Shahu-Ambedkar’s thought among girl students and their parents with this event.
  • Girl students come to know about true leaders of history of India.
  • They get inspired & deliberate to set a career goal.

Support us for Social Cause
We request you please go through our activities and support us financially

We accept fund in Indian Rupees only.

You can donate us by Cash, Cheque to KRANTIJYOTI’s account.
Your donation is eligible for concession under Section 80G of Income Tax Act.
Krantijyoti only accepts funds in Indian Rupees, cheques of any Indian Bank but not of overseas branch.

Please select your donation amount and push the button for further procedure.


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